5 weird ways to make money

Weird ways to make money.

One Aussie was willing to pay $100 for someone to write their wedding speech for them. (Source Getty/Airtasker)

From writing someone’s wedding speech, to killing a huntsman spider, there are tons of weird and wacky ways you can make money.

We’ve rounded up some of the strangest tasks people are getting paid to do on Airtasker.

1. Writing a wedding speech – $100

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life and a chance for you to express your love to your partner. But, for some people, finding the words can be tough.

One Queensland man offered to pay someone $100 to write their engagement speech for them and then another $100 to pen their wedding speech.

“Would love some help putting together an engagement speech,” the groom-to-be wrote.

2. Killing a spider – $100

We get it, spiders are scary. And one Sydney woman offered a whopping $100 for someone brave enough to come and kill one she found at home.

“I’m moving out and came across a spider that ran out of a cupboard. He’s a large [huntsman]. I am scared of spiders – not a joke if someone can come take care of this,” the woman wrote.

3. Fixing IKEA furniture – $60

Another woman needed someone to help fix her flat-pack IKEA furniture for $60.

“I have a queen size IKEA MALM bed that I put together over a year ago, but I must not have tightened it enough as it’s been quite squeaky and loose since then and only got worse,” wrote a Sydney woman.

“I’ve Googled it and it seems like a common problem, and it’s suggested to put some solid nails or screws in the corners to make it more secure.”

Make money fixing IKEA furniture.

You can make money fixing people’s IKEA furniture. (Source: Getty)

4. Waiting in line – $100

One customer was so desperate to get their hands on the OMEGA x Swatch watch collaboration that they were willing to pay $100 for someone to wait in line for them.

“Need someone to wait in line for me at the Swatch store in Pitt st Mall Sydney until 4pm. I will take over from around 4pm. Need someone there asap as the queue is already growing,” the poster wrote.

5. Nonna’s recipe – $50

If you have an Italian nonna, this last task is still live. One Sydney woman is offering up $50 for someone who knows how to make carciofi, a Roman-style artichoke dish.

“Looking for a great carciofi dish that only a genuine Italian nonna can make!! Is this your grandmother please respond!!” the poster wrote.

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