Barcelona: Barcelona find another formula to make money: Is Messi closer to signing?

Barcelona‘s planning for the coming season is based on their ability to raise 200 million euros, either in the form of revenue or by reducing costs. As MARCA has already reported, this is now the main objective of the club, which is preparing an economic viability plan to be presented to LaLiga shortly.

If they are given the go-ahead, the club will be able to go to the market with certain guarantees and, above all, try to make LeoMessi‘s return a reality.

Sale of 25 percent

The club has been working for months on the sale of 24 percent from Barca Studios. Last season it sold 25 percent to Orpheus Media, the company owned by Jaume Roures, for 100 million euros. It was the fourth lever the club used to get out of the serious financial situation it was at the time. Now it plans to resell these audiovisual rights.

Up to 49 percent could be sold

There are two expert companies in the production of audiovisual content that are interested in that percentage. And they are paying more than the 100 million that the club earned a year ago for 25 percent.

The board knew it could have made more money at the time for a quarter of Barca Studios, but time was pressing. It needed to sell urgently to clean up its financial situation and go to the market.

Jaume Roures’ share

The club is considering the option of selling 49 percent of Barca Studios, the maximum allowed by the members, to one of the companies interested, and would have to negotiate with Jaume Roures the sale of the 25 percent share it owns. At the moment, the businessman is happy with his situation, but it is clear that if he were to sell, he would obtain financial benefits.

How much money can Barcelona get?

It is difficult to say at the moment and it also depends on the final outcome of the sale. They could bring in 150 million euros, although sources consulted by MARCA would not confirm the figures. What is clear is that this sale would provide the club with considerable income and thus offset the losses generated by the team’s move to Montjuïc.

Messi on standby

If the operation finally takes place, the chances of Leo Messi returning to Barcelona would increase. The Argentine is already aware of the club’s interest in signing him, but also that the club’s financial situation is very delicate. The club is looking for income while the player waits with PSG’s renewal offer on the table and a proposal from Arabia that would cover him in gold.