Business Finance Made Simple and Fun in New Book

Business Finance Was Never This Easy

Author Harvey Goldstein Releases Simple Guide to Managing and Making Money

YORBALINDA, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 6, 2023/ — Managing and making money may be hard for many. The cost of hiring a business financial manager is both costly and tedious. But what if you have a guide or a blueprint that creates a guiding path that is concise, plain, and non-technical?

Well, the only thing left for you to do is to make sure it is proven effective by many executives.

“Business Finance Was Never This Easy”, written by Author Harvey Goldstein has all these elements. The book creates a pathway for new learners and executives to understand finance management easily and with ease. Best of all, it is proven effective!

“Years of business experience have taught me what business owners, executives, and managers require and desire from a finance operation. To that end, I have written a new book, ‘Business Finance Was Never This Easy,’” Goldstein says.

Despite its simple and easy-to-read guide, this book is, most importantly, comprehensive. If you want to learn business finance, cash flow, financial planning, business investment and much more, this book gives you clarity.

The book takes the business executive through the accounting basics then proceeds to financial analysis, financial measuring sticks, business investment analysis (including company market or financial valuation), and product costs.

According to Goldstein, an executive will be introduced into the three levels of cash flow, the keys to succeed in every business, and financial planning. Beyond an in-depth discussion of proper business mechanics and techniques, the executive will learn how to make policy decisions and to understand the potential impacts of these policies.

“It presents and discusses the mechanics, raises and discusses questions regarding financial policies, and provides other thought-provoking material,” Goldstein continues.

Goldstein has been the CFO or Controller of several companies ranging in size from $5 million to $80 million. He was the assistant division controller of a NYSE listed company. During his career, he has also designed organizations and systems as well as procedures that enhance reporting and provide greater overall business control.

Pacific Book Review wrote: “The other thing that was great to see was even though the book was written in a very understanding way, the author still managed to pack in a lot of lessons and education into the book…”

“Business Finance Was Never This Easy” is now available on Amazon and other digital platforms worldwide.

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