Dane Co Sheriff’s Office offers female-forward careers

MADISON, Wis. — Representatives with a southern Wisconsin policing agency said they are in need of dozens of new recruits. Their goal is to continue to help diversify the ranks.

What You Need To Know

  • The Dane County Sheriff’s Office is seeking 40 individuals to join their team of 450+ deputies
  • Deputies receive excellent benefits, flexibility and recently, a pay increase
  • Advancement opportunities exist for candidates

Finishing up third shift, Dane County Sheriff’s Deputy Emma SanFillipo searched a cell to make sure nothing was left behind. Despite the rough hours, he said most new deputies started in the jail.

“It is what you make up. So it’s been a lot of fun, a lot more fun than I was expecting,” said SanFillipo.

She said she has no intention of staying in corrections work, but appreciates how it has helped shape her law enforcement career. She said it has helped her gain the skills she’ll need to advance in other roles in the male-dominated field.

“You learn how to talk to people in a somewhat safer setting and your job history, we learn how to deal with people with severe mental health issues,” he said.

(Spectrum News 1/Kathryn Larson)

“Law enforcement can be a rough career, mentally and even physically too. And we really need to count on each other,” she added. “So the more partnership relationships we have with each other, the [better].”

It’s the reason the Dane County Sheriff’s Office pairs new deputies with mentors for special check-ins. Fellow female colleague and diversity recruiter Deputy Carrie Tobias said this has been crucial for success.

“I got into law enforcement to be a woman in an underrepresented career, as well as wanting to be a role model for younger women, who also want to be in those career paths that might not be a traditional woman-based career path,” Tobias said.

Women deputies make up 22% of the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, and while that’s much higher than the 13% national average, Tobias said she hoped she could hire even more with a newly approved perk: higher wages.

“For sheriff’s deputies, starting pay of $30. 54 an hour. Now, some of the more senior deputies, even including me when I started six years ago, was around $24,” she said. “And people I know who have five years ahead of me, it was probably in the low 20s if not teens, which is you know, very awesome.”

Other benefits include a great work-life balance with plenty of flexibility and overtime available, plus a retirement package and an educational incentive.

You can learn more about the deputy positions available, here.