Fetch Rewards Review – Is Fetch Rewards Legit?

Have you heard about Fetch Rewards? My Fetch Rewards Review will show you how to earn free gift cards by simply snapping a picture of your receipts with your phone. That’s it – Fetch is really that easy!Picture of calculator on desk with words that say

Fetch Rewards is a cash back and gift card cell phone app that rewards you for purchases that you’ve already made.

With this app, you can scan your grocery receipts (from any grocery store, any time) and earn free gift cards.

Plus, Fetch Rewards is free. You don’t have to pay money to sign up or to use the app.

I will explain more in my Fetch rewards app review, but with Fetch, you earn points when you submit your receipts to the Fetch Rewards app from any grocery store, clothing store, restaurant, gas station, and more. Yes, ANY!

Then, you redeem your points for gift cards (to places such as Target or Amazon) and other rewards.

All you have to do is take a picture of your receipt with your cell phone and easily earn points.

Here’s how Fetch Rewards works:

  1. Shop like you normally would
  2. Scan your receipt after you’re done
  3. Earn points on Fetch Rewards

You can sign up for Fetch Rewards here. 

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Fetch Rewards Review


What is Fetch Rewards?

I want to start my Fetch Rewards review with some basic information about the company and app. Fetch Rewards is based out of Madison, Wisconsin, and this shopping app has helped millions of people save money with the tap of a button as you simply scan physical and digital receipts.

Every month, over 11,000,000 people use Fetch Rewards. It is super easy to use Fetch and receive free gift cards.

I keep saying it’s simple because it really is! Every time you shop or dine out, you can scan your receipt into the Fetch Rewards app.

You can scan receipts from any grocery store, clothing store, pet store, home improvement store, club store, restaurant, gas station, and more. Basically, anywhere you shop, you can snap a picture of the receipt and scan it into Fetch.

You can even use your digital receipts from online purchases such as Amazon, Target, Instacart, and more by connecting your online accounts.

If you have a receipt, then you can scan it!

You earn points when you submit your receipts, and Fetch pays you in points that you can redeem for gift cards. 

There are many redemption options. Here are some of the places you can receive gift cards from:

  • Starbucks
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Visa gift cards
  • Airbnb
  • Old Navy
  • Ulta
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Instacart
  • Sam’s
  • BJ’s
  • Best Buy
  • Lowe’s

And so many more!

You can also decide to put your points towards charitable organizations, such as The Red Cross or the Clean Water Fund. You can even use your points to enter sweepstakes in the Fetch app.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain more about how to redeem your points further down in my Fetch Rewards review.


How does Fetch Rewards work?

Here’s how Fetch Rewards works:

  1. Sign up and download Fetch Rewards by creating an account or connecting a Google or Facebook account account, and then make a password for your account.
  2. Go shopping like you normally do.
  3. Scan your first receipt and earn points. To do this, you simply go to your Fetch Rewards app and click on the orange circle at the bottom of your screen that says “Snap.” You then take a picture of your receipt. If you have a digital receipt, you can just tap on the blue circle instead.
  4. Redeem your points for gift cards, make charitable donations, enter sweepstakes, and more.

I have personally used Fetch to prepare for my Fetch Rewards review, and I can promise you it’s just that simple!


How much can you earn with Fetch Rewards?

The amount you can earn on Fetch Rewards really depends on your spending, whether you are completing the Fetch Special Offers, and so on.

Because I am writing this Fetch Rewards review, I wanted to use the app for a while to give you the best review possible, and I was able to earn around $56 in free gift cards in 2-3 months by simply spending how I normally do. I didn’t put any additional effort in the app other than just scanning my shopping receipts.

As you can see, Fetch Rewards clearly won’t make you rich, but you can easily make a little extra money shopping like you normally do.

I also don’t think that I spent more than 20 minutes total in the Fetch app. It’s easy to use and only takes like 10 seconds to scan a receipt. You don’t have to do anything else.


What stores can I use for Fetch Rewards?

The great thing about Fetch Rewards is that you can use any retailer or store where you buy groceries, from big box stores, to mom and pop stores, to drug stores, convenience stores, hardware stores, liquor stores, gas stations, club stores (such as Costco), and more.

With any receipt I get, I scan it into the Fetch Rewards app. It takes less than a minute, and you earn points with every scan – so easy!

Plus, you don’t have to jump through any hoops to get points. You don’t need to pre-select the offers in the Fetch Rewards app or scan barcodes, plus there are no surveys or ads. Simply go shopping at your favorite retailers just like usual.

You simply scan your receipt after you are done shopping and earn points.


How many receipts can I scan on Fetch a day?

Fetch Rewards allows you to submit 35 receipts within a 7-day period. Electronic receipts that are processed on your account do not count toward the 35 receipt limit.

Other things to know about using Fetch Rewards:

  • Fetch Rewards works for stores located in the United States and Puerto Rico.
  • You have 14 days to scan your receipts to earn points.
  • When you scan your receipts, your receipt must include the store name, the items that you bought, the date of your purchase, the store’s address, and the total amount that you spent. All of that information is included on your receipt.
  • If you scan a receipt with a participating item from the Special Offers tab, then you will get bonus points.
  • If you have a long receipt, you simply just snap more pictures to make sure that your whole receipt is included.
  • You should never make fake receipts or scan the same receipt twice in order to try and get more points. This violates Fetch’s terms of service. Always be honest!


Does Fetch Rewards take gas receipts?

Yes, you can scan your gas receipts with Fetch Rewards.

If you’re looking to earn even more from your gas station purchases, then I recommend Upside.

Upside is an app that helps you find gas stations, groceries, and restaurants where you can earn cash back. You simply sign up for a free account, and then look at the Upside app to find places near you.

You can earn up to $0.25/gallon cash back at gas stations, up to 30% back on grocery purchases, and up to 45% back at restaurants.

You can check out Upside here to learn more.


Fetch Rewards Complete Special Offers screenshot of my Fetch Rewards App

Fetch Rewards Special Offers

What receipts give you the most points on Fetch?

There are several main ways that you can earn points on Fetch Rewards, such as:

  1. Scanning receipts. When you purchase something, whether it be online or in-person, you can take a picture of your receipt with your cell phone and earn points. Every time you scan a receipt in the app, you will receive a minimum of 25 points.
  2. Complete special offers. When you are logged into your Fetch Rewards account, you can see what products will give you the most points. As you can see in the image above, you simply just go to the Fetch Rewards App and go to the Discover tab. There, you will see what items will earn you the most points and extra points. Special offers can give you anywhere from 250 points to even over 5,000 points. New special offers are added almost every day too, so even if you don’t see something today, there may be something that interests you tomorrow. Now, you don’t have to look at the Discover page if you don’t want to – it’s simply just another way to earn more points. You can just use Fetch Rewards and scan your receipts without ever doing anything else in the Fetch Rewards app.
  3. Refer friends and family. Sometimes, you can receive around 2,000 to 4,000 points by referring a new user. You can simply head to the Refer A Friend tab in the Fetch Rewards app to find your referral code.
  4. Joining the Huggies Rewards+ Club. If you use Huggies diapers, you can earn up to 50,000 points by simply purchasing certain Huggies items, such as Huggies Diapers or Huggies Little Movers. Plus, you can get Huggies special offers points as well which are quite high as well.
  5. Save on prescriptions. With Fetch, you can also save on your prescriptions. GoodRx is a free prescription price comparison tool that anyone can use. Simply head to your “Me” tab and click on GoodRx. You can then show this card when paying for prescriptions. You’ll get 10,000 points on your first prescription purchase, and then 1,500 points for future purchases and refills.

For me, I mainly just scan my receipts and refer others to Fetch Rewards. But if I wanted to earn more, there are several other great ways to increase the amount of rewards points that I can earn.


How many points equal a dollar on Fetch?

On average, 1,000 points equals $1 in rewards.

10,000 points is equivalent to around $10.


How do I redeem a free gift card from Fetch Rewards?

To redeem a Fetch reward, you will simply go to your Fetch account, and look at the bottom of the app. Look for the Rewards tab and tap on that.

Here, you will see what you can use your points on, such as:

  • Gift cards up to $50
  • Sweepstakes entries
  • Charitable organizations
  • Fetch merchandise, such as t-shirts

Then, you click on the button that shows how many points you want to use.

Next, you click on the orange button that says “Get My Reward” at the bottom.

You will then be asked to confirm that this is what you would like to do. It typically takes around three days to process your redemption request.

Once your reward is ready, you will get a notification. You can then go to your Rewards tab, then click on “My Rewards” to find your reward. Here, you will see your gift card code so that you can redeem your gift card at the company that you have chosen.


What’s the Fetch bonus code?

Fetch Rewards does not currently have an active bonus code. But, once they do, I will update this and let you know.


What is the catch with Fetch Rewards? How does Fetch Rewards make money? What does Fetch Rewards do with your receipts?

These are all great questions, and they are definitely things I want to cover in this Fetch Rewards review.

Fetch Rewards is so easy to use, but what’s in it for them? Why do they give out rewards and free gift cards just for scanning your receipts?

Fetch Rewards is paying you for the data they get from your receipt. They don’t see your name or other private or personal information. Instead, they are observing trends in shopper behavior. They then use this information to help their partners better understand their customer’s shopping habits.

Fetch Rewards also makes money by finding good deals for those who are signed up for Fetch Rewards. The Special Offers section in the Fetch Rewards app is an area where companies pay to be featured in this list, sort of like an advertisement. Companies know that they can get a lot of people looking at their company in the Fetch Rewards app, so they pay Fetch Rewards for this advertisement.


Is Fetch Rewards safe?

Yes, Fetch Rewards is safe to use.

They go through many steps to protect your personal information, and all of the data that they collect is anonymized and aggregated with everyone else’s, so your personal information is never shown.

Also, your receipts only show the last five digits of your credit card number, so you don’t have to worry about that being shared either because Fetch can’t see it.


Do my Fetch Rewards points expire?

If your Fetch Rewards account is not used for 90 days, then your points will expire. Your account will receive inactive status if you haven’t submitted any receipts or redeemed any rewards in a 90-day period.

This means that you just simply need to scan a receipt or redeem your Fetch points so your points never expire. If you get in the habit of scanning your receipts every time you shop, you shouldn’t have a problem with expiring points.

It’s very easy to stay active as pretty much everyone spends money in a 90-day period.


Is Ibotta or Fetch better?

Fetch Rewards and Ibotta are very similar.

Fetch Rewards is a little easier to use than Ibotta because all you need to do is scan your receipt into the Fetch Rewards app, and then you are done. With Ibotta, it’s more like clipping coupons and takes a little more time, but you may be able to earn a little more with Ibotta.

The great thing is that you can use the same exact grocery receipt for both Fetch and Ibotta. So if you have the time, you can try using both to earn even more rewards and free gift cards. This will allow you to increase your earnings by doing very little extra work.

Here’s how Ibotta works:

With Ibotta, you simply create an Ibotta account, unlock rebates and rewards, go shopping, verify your purchases, and then get cash.

You can redeem rebates from over hundreds of stores, such as Walmart, Target, Kroger, Publix, Walgreens, Home Depot, Old Navy, Chewy, and more.

You can also earn cash back online and in-store with Ibotta.

Ibotta is one of the easiest money making apps because you’re making money shopping like you normally do. They pay in cash or gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, and other stores.


Is Fetch legit? – Fetch Rewards Reviews

Yes, Fetch Rewards is legitimate.

I looked through other online Fetch app reviews and found it’s rated 4.8/5 in the App Store with over 2,600,000 ratings.

In the Google Play store, the average Fetch app review is 4.6/5 stars with over 475,000 reviews on Fetch rewards and over 10,000,000 downloads.

You can see even more Fetch Rewards reviews on Trustpilot.


How do I contact Fetch Rewards?

If you have any questions or concerns with Fetch Rewards, you can contact them at [email protected].

You can also go to your app, click on the “Me” tab on the bottom, then click on “Help Center,” then “Contact Us.”


Fetch Rewards Review Mobile Screenshot

Here’s a screenshot of my Fetch Rewards Account. In 2 months, I have earned 55,566 points, which is equal to a little over $50 in free gift cards.

My Fetch Rewards Review

I hope you enjoyed my Fetch Rewards review. I have been using it for several months now and it is very easy to use.

With Fetch Rewards, you can start earnings points by submitting both physical receipts and e-receipts so that you can turn your points into Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, and more. There’s no coupon clipping and it is very easy to use.

Simply just upload receipts that you have and earn Fetch Rewards points.

You can upload receipts from retailers such as Target, Walmart, Costco, Publix, Kroger, Walgreens, Home Depot, and more. Small stores, big stores, and everything in between.

This is a must-have shopping app that will help you to save more money, without spending a lot of extra time or effort on your end.

You can sign up for Fetch Rewards here.

Do you use Fetch Rewards? What other questions do you have for this Fetch Rewards review?