Gucci employee is fired after one of her TikToks goes viral and reaches corporate

Is working retail for a luxury brand all it’s cracked up to be? Well, it was, for a very brief moment, according to this TikToker.

In early April, Melanie (@moradi.mp4), a former Gucci employee based in Los Angeles, Calif., created a TikTok in which she unboxes everything the luxury store allegedly gifted her on her first day. Based on the 59-second video, she was given three blouses, two pairs of trousers, two blazers, along with a bag, belt and pairs of socks. The items she’s flexing, commenters note, are likely for her store uniform.

Melanie’s employment, however, was terminated after her TikTok went viral and a Gucci “executive in corporate” saw it.

“So maybe read the social media guidelines when you get hired or don’t because I hate the job anyway,” she captioned an updated video.

In one of her follow-up TikToks, Melanie revealed that Gucci did not, in fact, let her keep the “freebies.”

Melanie has since posted a longer explanation of her time at Gucci and reveals that she isn’t upset by their decision to let her go. She actually “hated the job from day one.”

“I got offered this job at Gucci. I didn’t seek it out,” she reveals. “I just thought, you know, this job kind of fell in my lap, and I’ve been asking the universe for, you know, financial abundance, and so I feel like, I had, like, a spiritual duty not to reject an opportunity for financial stability. So I took it, even though I was very apprehensive about going back to retail and working an in-person job.”

Melanie, who claims to have worked in retail since she was 16 years old, is over that environment altogether.

“Whenever they take that comment on that TikTok so seriously, I’m like, ‘It’s best we separate’,” she says of her relationship with Gucci. “I agree, like, we should separate, you and I.”

“I’m gonna work on building my empire and working from home,” she adds.

“Why would you even want to work for a company that fires someone for something so minute. I don’t see where you went wrong.”

Commenters have taken to Melanie’s video to show their support, with some arguing that all she did was post a playful video promoting her employment.

“Good for you babe,” someone revised.

“I think you could def tell it was a joke lol I thought one of your new co workers had snitcheddd,” another wrote.

“Why would you even want to work for a company that fires someone for something so minute,” one user asked. “I don’t see where you went wrong.”

In The Know by Yahoo reached out to Gucci for comment, but has not heard back as of reporting.

Note to self? Review your company’s policies with regard to social media before making any viral videos.

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