How to Land a Cleared Job

The job market today for cleared candidates is hot. But that doesn’t mean new positions are falling out of trees. The path to a cleared job isn’t always as straightforward as simply clicking apply and then finding the perfect career fit. Even in a candidate’s market, a bit of effort into your cleared career can go a long way in ensuring your career path stays competitive, and you don’t just coast.

1. Create a free profile on ClearanceJobs.

If you build it, they will come. Truly. There is much to be said for the passive job market, and while many recruiters are aggressively pursuing candidates based on public facing social media profiles, I still think there is something to be said for having an up-to-date resume and a current career profile. Even if you’re like most candidates and not actively searching for an opportunity, it’s always good to be open to options. The benefit of ClearanceJobs is that it’s also easier than ever to indicate interest – a new feature on ClearanceJobs called Expressed Interest allows you to give a company or opportunity a wave with a simple click.

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2. Actively Network.

Many events shifted to virtual formats during the pandemic. But the pendulum is shifting back toward in-person opportunities, which remain a great way to practice your interviewing and networking skills. Even if you’re not looking to launch into a new cleared job, in-person events, associations, and professional networking engagements allow you to grow your network – which will always help with your career growth.

The job market is always shifting. Even when an era when we find there are more openings than candidates to fill them, that doesn’t mean there isn’t effort in keeping your career on track, growing, and advancing into the right opportunity. A bit of proactive career management – ​​both virtual and in-person – is a good investment to make.