Hundreds of students attend United Township’s 2nd annual job fair

About 40 local businesses & vendors attended the school’s second annual career fair. Organizers wanted to expose students to jobs they may have never considered.

EAST MOLINE, Ill. — United Township High School saw a growth in interest in its second annual career fair aimed at exposing students to professions they may have never otherwise considered.

The job fair, held on April 11, was geared toward high schoolers of all ages.

While 550 students signed up for the fair, the school estimates nearly 600 ended up exploring the different professions on display.

Organizers said it was an opportunity for kids to learn about jobs they might not have known even existed and talk to the professionals involved.

“A lot of kids don’t know. You know, they think teachers, lawyers, doctors, all those things, but there’s really a lot of different careers out there,” said Jordyn Petit, college and career paraprofessional. “It’s really important for us to just introduce different careers to the students and get them used to talking to professionals in those careers.”

About 40 local businesses and vendors attended — an increase from about 25 booths the previous year.

“I just want them to take away different careers and also just to explore,” Petit said. “This is just an introductory-type thing. So then after today, I hope they go and explore the careers a little bit more. Maybe do a job shadow, a workplace tour or something like that.”

Of course, WQAD set up our own booth at the fair! News 8’s Shelby Kluver and photojournalist Scott Weas spent the morning showing off camera gear and chatting to students about a day in the life of a TV broadcaster.

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