Stork Lady resale event helps people save money and make some

Another big resale event is happening in South County to help families buy items for as little as 50 cents.

st. LOUIS — A major resale event is happening to help some people make cash while others will undoubtedly save some.

Resale events are growing in popularity, especially with inflation.

Racheal Johnson started selling at Stork Lady Resale Event consignment sale nearly 12 years ago, and now she’s the sale organizer.

“I have a large family,” said Johnson. “So for me and a lot of people, this is where they buy all of their kids’ clothes.”

Johnson said people come in with their gently used items already priced to sell. Workers then check everything in when they’re dropped off.

She asks that batteries work in toys and that everything is in really good condition for resale. She said it’s such a helpful sale because kids lose interest in toys so quickly or grow so fast, leaving caregivers with piles of stuff, a typical parent scenario.

From children’s items like toys, clothing and shoes, to items geared for adults, everything is a fraction of the price you’d pay for full retail.

“It’s not uncommon for ladies to leave with bags and bags of just clothes for winter or even buying for winter now,” said Johnson. “It’s just a way for families to make money on things they want to sell and not just give everything away to Goodwill.”

The sale starts Thursday morning at the Kennedy Recreation Complex in South County and runs through Saturday, where most items are up to half off. Johnson said shoppers can get some items for 50 cents.

On Saturday, families who are selling items can return to pick up their items or The Stork Lady Resale event can donate the items to a local women’s group.

“It’s just a good way to help a family,” said Johnson. “I know it has really helped us.”