Trial gets underway for Anchorage man accused of murdering former employee

PALMER, Alaska (KTUU) – The trial for Duyvu Nguyen got underway Wednesday morning inside a Palmer courtroom. Duyvu is charged with first and second-degree murder after a 2017 shooting left Tuan Nguyen — who is unrelated to the defendant — dead inside his apartment complex.

Duyvu called 911 immediately after the shooting, where Palmer police found and arrested him outside Tuan’s residence. Duyvu was bailed out of jail about a month later.

Now, after nearly six years, Tuan’s family said they are ready for Duyvu to be tried before a jury.

“I can just meet him on the streets and walk should be to his shoulder,” CamTu Nguyen, Tuan’s sister, said. “That’s not justice.”

According to opening statements, Tuan was a former employee of a nail salon Duyvu owned in Anchorage — LA Nails — but was let go from his position before moving to Palmer. State prosecutors argue that Duyvu drove out to Palmer on the morning of Oct. 30 with the intent to kill Tuan over an alleged affair Tuan was having with Duyvu’s wife, Xuanlan Tran.

The defense, however, stated that Duyvu acted out of self-defense, claiming that Tran was raped by Tuan and a fight broke out between the two men when Duyvu went to Tuan’s apartment to confront him.

It was an emotional day for Tuan’s family who, for the first time, saw pictures and body cam footage of the crime scene.

“That’s our first time seeing his body in his last moment,” CamTu said, fighting back tears.

The trial is scheduled to last through the end of next week when the jury will begin deliberations.

“We pray for peace for our family — for his young daughter that doesn’t have his father to grow up with,” CamTu said. “Definitely praying for peace for everyone involved.”

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Chicago Popeyes employee seen on TikTok destroying restaurant after allegedly not getting paid for a month

An employee at a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in Chicago was caught on video destroying the store after he was allegedly not paid for a month of work.

TikTok user Sarah (@itsrah26) posted on Tuesday a now viral video of the unidentified man cutting open bags and boxes of food, and other damage in the fast food restaurant. As of Thursday morning, the video had nearly 101,000 views.

The text included in the video says, “this is what happens when you don’t get paid for a month.”

At the beginning of the video, the man is seen cutting open a bag of raw chicken and dumping the pieces on the ground. In the next clip, you can see opening boxes of French fries and tossing the food on the floor.


Popeyes employee dumping chicken on the floor

A Popeyes employee can be seen cutting open a bag of raw chicken and dumping it on the floor. (@itsrah26/TikTok)

A third clip shows what appears to be a completely destroyed stockroom with overturned shelves, opened boxes and flipped over bins.

Various foods and liquids can be seen covering most of the floor.

Destroyed Popeyes stockroom

What appears to be a stockroom at a Chicago-area Popeyes is damaged after an employee claimed to not be paid for a month. (@itsrah26/TikTok)

The pictures following the video clips show damage to the registers and cut electric cords.

The final video clip reads “at least he got his money” while showing an empty cash drawer on the counter and panning to the window where police officers and a Chicago police vehicle can be seen outside the restaurant.


In the video’s comments section, which has over 400 contributions, a handful of TikTok users seemed to understand the destruction and even said they would do something similar given the situation.

“A whole month? I’m on his side,” one user wrote.

Another said, “Well, he went ballistic. Rightfully so though.”

Empty cash register at Popeyes

An empty cash drawer in a register is seen after a Popeyes employee, who claims not to have been paid for a month, destroys the store. (@itsrah26/TikTok)

Other users commented that he responded in the wrong way, suggesting he should have quit much sooner, reported that he wasn’t getting paid, or hired lawyers and sued the company.

“I understand his anger, but now he definitely won’t get paid,” one comment said. “This is a corporation. He could’ve sued and got a nice settlement check.”

Other commenters wrote: “I mean now you definitely not gone get paid and probably gone have to owe in damages,” and “Unfortunately, you will have to pay now. You should’ve got a lawyer or contacted the bored labor (sic) .”

Sign outside of Popeyes

A sign hangs outside a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)


It’s unclear if the employee was arrested or not.

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Former Shawnee Co. employee in custody for the alleged theft of a state agency

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – A former Shawnee Co. employee accused of felony theft has been taken into custody.

The Shawnee Co. The Sheriff’s Office announced in a tweet on Thursday that a former employee with the Shawnee Co. Treasurer’s office, Heather L. Cunningham, 42, of Topeka, was booked into the Shawnee Co. Department of Corrections on Wednesday, April 26, following a criminal investigation in collaboration with the Shawnee Co. Treasurer’s office.

According to the sheriff’s office, investigators saw multiple threats occur at the Treasurer’s Office during Cunningham’s time of employment. After the office discovered thefts, it turned over all collected information and evidence to the Shawnee Co. Sheriff’s Office for further investigation.

Upon further review, the sheriff’s office precipitously took Cunningham into custody. She faces multiple counts of felony theft, making false information, unlawful acts concerning computers, and destroying a written instrument.

This incident remains under investigation.

13 NEWS searched its past records and discovered that Cunningham was previously booked into the Department of Corrections on Wednesday, March 29. Cunningham was previously accused of stealing an undisclosed amount of money and performing unauthorized charges at a Topeka Lewis Toyota dealership.

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Meta lays off tech teams, battering employee morale

April 19 (Reuters) – Meta Platforms Inc (META.O) on Wednesday carried out another round of job cuts, this time hitting engineers and adjacent tech teams, as Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg further moved to streamline the business in a bid to make 2023 a “year of efficiency.”

Meta in March became the first Big Tech company to announce a second round of mass layoffs, which it said would take place in three main batches over several months and impact 10,000 employees.

Wednesday’s cuts, though expected, prompted expressions of frustration from Meta employees. Layoffs were the subject of the most popular questions posted on an internal company forum on Wednesday ahead of an upcoming employee town hall.

“You’ve shattered the morale and confidence in leadership of many high performers who work with intensity. Why should we stay at Meta?” read one question seen by Reuters.

The question references comments Zuckerberg made last year urging employees to work with more “intensity” to meet the Facebook and Instagram parent company’s business challenges.

The company declined a Reuters request for comment.

Meta’s first round of layoffs in the fall hit more than 11,000 employees, or 13% of its workforce at the time, and preceded other major tech companies shedding thousands of employees after a pandemic-led boom in digital advertising and cloud computing.

With the restructuring, Meta is also shelving lower-priority projects and “flattening” layers of middle management.

Investors have rewarded the company for downsizing.

Meta shares have surged about 80% this year, outperforming the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite’s (.IXIC) 16% rise in the period.

The company, which will announce its first-quarter results on April 26, is expected to benefit from a modest pickup in the digital advertising market and regulatory pressure on chief rival TikTok.

(This story has been corrected to remove a reference to this year’s gains erasing a 64% drop in 2022, in paragraph 10)

Reporting by Katie Paul in New York and Yuvraj Malik in Bengaluru; Editing by Devika Syamnath and Bill Berkrot

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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‘This is such a bold move’

A person on TikTok posted a video of them walking into Claire’s as a customer and turning into an employee in just over 10 minutes.

Jordan (@lizardf******) walked into Claire’s and had to wait in line for a noticeably long time because there was only one employee working and they were piercing a little girl’s ears. However, the phone was continuously ringing and nobody was there to answer it.

It was at that moment that Jordan took matters into their own hands.

Jordan answered the phone, acting as a Claire’s employee and began to talk to a customer who was asking about a squishmallow. The customer wanted to know if they could reserve the product over the phone, which was something Jordan didn’t know and then had to ask the only actual employee in the store.

They were then able to relay the information back to the calling customer and told him that they couldn’t put the product on hold.

Throughout the interaction, Jordan’s hand was visibly shaking, which was a talking point from thousands of comments.

“The shaking hand omg. this is such a bold move. such a slay,” said @beccaboo_444.

A former Claire’s employee even chimed in and said they would’ve appreciated the gesture, as they often found themselves as the only employee in the store.

“Honestly as a former [Claire’s] employee who was always there alone and overwhelmed, I love this and would’ve loved you for it.” said @myfutureisamess.

Jordan didn’t show what happened after the interaction, but over 7 million people sat and watched them turn into an impromptu Claire’s employee.

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