The Growing Scope of America’s Cyber ​​Security Threats

SUBSCRIBER + EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW With a new Homeland Security task force underway, designed to examine threats posed by both Beijing and ever-more potent forms of artificial intelligence, bigger – and perhaps even existential – questions are being hashed out about the evolving landscape of hazards that confront US policymakers. It is clear they extend well beyond America’s usual battery of adversaries, according to Colonel Candice E. Frost, Commander of the Joint Intelligence Operations Center at US Cyber ​​Command.

China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea, are not only joined by a growing crop of cybercriminals, “proxy actors, executed by actors in Russia, or elsewhere in other domains,” but also criminals without political affiliations – many of whom increasingly benefit from AI-powered technologies, such as ChaptGPT, which can reshape the very nature of both business and national security.

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