‘This is such a bold move’

A person on TikTok posted a video of them walking into Claire’s as a customer and turning into an employee in just over 10 minutes.

Jordan (@lizardf******) walked into Claire’s and had to wait in line for a noticeably long time because there was only one employee working and they were piercing a little girl’s ears. However, the phone was continuously ringing and nobody was there to answer it.

It was at that moment that Jordan took matters into their own hands.

Jordan answered the phone, acting as a Claire’s employee and began to talk to a customer who was asking about a squishmallow. The customer wanted to know if they could reserve the product over the phone, which was something Jordan didn’t know and then had to ask the only actual employee in the store.

They were then able to relay the information back to the calling customer and told him that they couldn’t put the product on hold.

Throughout the interaction, Jordan’s hand was visibly shaking, which was a talking point from thousands of comments.

“The shaking hand omg. this is such a bold move. such a slay,” said @beccaboo_444.

A former Claire’s employee even chimed in and said they would’ve appreciated the gesture, as they often found themselves as the only employee in the store.

“Honestly as a former [Claire’s] employee who was always there alone and overwhelmed, I love this and would’ve loved you for it.” said @myfutureisamess.

Jordan didn’t show what happened after the interaction, but over 7 million people sat and watched them turn into an impromptu Claire’s employee.

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