Thousands gather in Isla Vista for “Deltopia” tradition

ISLA VISTA, Calif.—What was once called Floatopia is now called Deltopia as this massive beach event has moved to Del Playa Drive.

Thousands of people gathered together for what has become an annual Isla Vista tradition.

And it’s not just UCSB students. Young adults have traveled far and wide just to get a taste of this party scene.

“It’s a lot of people I’m not used to seeing a lot of people on the street like this because I’m from France. So basically we don’t see a lot of people down there. So it’s my first time and I’m a little bit excited because I love this environment,” said French transplant Chloe Michel.

The mix of large crowds and intoxication led to injuries and death.

This student shared what’s she’s seen in past years.

“People are falling in the middle of the street drunk and eating it and getting all bloody,” said Ventura College Student Leyla Chiali.

“Yeah, my freshman year it was 2013, 2014. That’s when we had the riots. It was a crazy time because we had a lot of my freshman year, a lot of events, and since then it’s been a big police presence,” said UCSB Graduate Adam Sagafian.

Measures have been put in place to keep the community safe.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department and UC college police patrolled the streets. Some even rode on horseback all in an effort to crack down on students.

We spoke to a few students who received a $250 ticket for open container.

Keeping the community safe goes far beyond policing the neighborhood.

UCSB gauchos for recovery gave out free overdose prevention kits which included fentanyl test strips and Narcan.

Recovery Program Manager Angie Bryan said they ran out of these overdose prevention kits within the first hour of passing them out.

It’s clear that many students understand the importance of setting healthy limits given their past experience with Deltopias.

“Please don’t drink too much. Take care of yourself and just okay, be cool. Enjoy the party and don’t drink too much alcohol,” said French transplant Chloe Michel.