115 Jobs REAL RVers Do To Make Money While RVing

Here is a LONG LIST of jobs that real RVers do to make money while RVing. Maybe you’ll find something you’re well-qualified for and would enjoy…

One of our RV Lifestyle members recently posted on Facebook to find out what other REAL RVers do to make money while on the road. She wrote:

What do you do for remote work when you’re living/traveling in RV. We’re looking into traveling, my husband is retired, and I’d like to find something remote.

We’ve written a few articles on how to find jobs while traveling, but we’ve never made a long list of job possibilities. This Facebook post, along with several others, gives us great insight into the many jobs RVers do from the road.

So, we decided to compile a long list of ways people make money while RVing based on the hundreds of Facebook responses. We figure there’s no better way to be inspired than to see just how many options are out there.

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Main Categories of Work You Can Do From the Road

Make Money While RVing Work You Can Do From the Road

Generally speaking, there are broad categories of work that RVers can do from the road. Most positions fall into one of these three categories.

Traveling Jobs

These positions require you to travel to different locations to work. Some examples of traveling jobs include traveling nurse or railroad worker.

Remote Work

With the rise of remote work, many companies now allow their employees to work from anywhere as long as they have a stable internet connection. Having stable internet on the road is challenging, but it is possible.

Freelance Work

If you have skills like writing, graphic design, or programming, you can find freelance work online and complete projects from your RV. You can often do these jobs without a constant internet connection.

Online Business

Starting an online business is another way to make money while RVing. You can start a blog, sell products online, or offer consulting services.

Seasonal Work

Many RVers work seasonal jobs at campgrounds, national parks, and tourist attractions. These jobs can include campground hosts, tour guides, or maintenance workers.

Other seasonal jobs revolve around the holidays, including retail, delivery drivers, pumpkin patches, Christmas tree lots, and more.


Working out is a combination of work and camping. RVers can work at campgrounds, RV parks, and other outdoor locations in exchange for a free campsite and sometimes even a wage.

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How REAL RVers Make Money While RVing (Long List of Jobs)

The following are all jobs that people from our RV Lifestyle Facebook group do from the road. Some are full-time RVers, while others are only part-time.

Some base them travel around where they work, while others work wherever they travel. Some are job positions, while others are companies RVers work for.

Hopefully, you can find something that resonates with you or open your eyes to new possibilities! We’ve included some links to related resources we have available.

Overall, there are many ways to make money while RVing, and the possibilities are endless. The key is to find something that you enjoy, and that fits your lifestyle.

  1. Travel Agents
  2. Freelance Proofreader
  3. Paid Market Research
  4. Referral Marketing
  5. Business Advocacy
  6. Information Technology (IT)
  7. Railroad or Related Travel Positions
  8. Pet Groomers
  9. Work camping
  10. Telehealth Counselor
  11. Addiction Treatment Counseling
  12. Door Dash Driver
  13. Uber or Lyft Drivers
  14. Travel Nurse
  15. Clinical Informationist
  16. Medical Device Company Representative
  17. Camp Hosts
  18. Chewy Online
  19. E-commerce Store Owner
  20. RV Supply Salesperson
  21. Virtual Assistants
  22. Art class leader (like a paint-pouring class)
  23. Health, Wellness, and Weight loss Coach
  24. Digital Marketing
  25. WebDesigners
  26. Customer support positions
  27. County Emergency Manager
  28. Human Resources (HR) Consultant
  29. Healthcare Recruiters
  30. Travel Photographer
  31. Military Recruiters
  32. Data Entry Professional
  33. Affiliate Marketing
  34. Certified Welding Instructor
  35. IT Analyst
  36. Color Street Nails Sales
  37. bookkeeping
  38. Tax Preparer
  39. Gut Health & Metabolism Coach
  40. Accounts Manager for Various Businesses
  41. Cybersecurity
  42. Software Development
  43. Traveling Contractors / Construction
  44. Traffic Flagging
  45. Software Sales
  46. Radio Shows
  47. Commercial Voiceovers
  48. Online Fraud Mitigation and Payment Optimizer
  49. State License Class Leader (Life Insurance Field)
  50. Cell Towers Installer / Worker
  51. App Designer (Ui / UX Designer)
  52. Musician
  53. RetailDistrict Manager
  54. 360 Video Content Creator
  55. Realtors
  56. Relationship Marketing
  57. Pure Romance Consultants
  58. IT Scrum Master/Coach
  59. Server Solutions Architect
  60. Life Insurance Agent
  61. Solar Project Developer
  62. Solar Installation Manager
  63. Solar Operations Manager
  64. IT for Healthcare
  65. Leather Workers / Designers
  66. Accountant
  67. Pet Sitters
  68. Wholistic Nurse
  69. Pampered Chef Agent
  70. DJ
  71. Pharmaceutical Sales
  72. Certified RV Tech / Inspector (LOTS of demand for RV mechanics!)
  73. Retirement Portfolio Manager
  74. Sign Designer and Painter
  75. Rent RVs When Not Using
  76. Melaleuca Wellness Representative
  77. Pastor / Co-Pastor
  78. Retail Sales
  79. Direct Sales
  80. Thermomix Consultant
  81. Dental Billing
  82. Music Composer
  83. NutritionCoach
  84. Online Teacher
  85. Online Tutors
  86. Administrative Assistant
  87. Voice Recordings
  88. HR Talent Acquisition
  89. Starlink
  90. Mobile Home Investing
  91. FitnessTraining
  92. Elopement & Boudoir Photographer
  93. RV Sales & Tour Hosts
  94. Freelance Writing
  95. Database Analyst / Engineer
  96. Software Consultants
  97. Product Design
  98. Product Development
  99. Research Development
  100. Traveling ER Nurse
  101. Pipeline Radiographers
  102. Crane Technician
  103. ESL Online Teacher
  104. JewelryMaker
  105. Senior Sales Manager
  106. Social Media Manager
  107. Financial Reporting & Project Accountant
  108. Director, Product Management
  109. Post-Production Designer
  110. Legal Assistants
  111. Delivery Drivers
  112. Artist/Author
  113. Database Analyst
  114. Loan Officers
  115. Bloggers / Podcasters

Most Popular Job Finder & Freelance Websites

The following are excellent resources for finding jobs that fit your needs, including freelance work.

10 Best Resources for Work Camping Jobs

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We have an entire article on how to find work camping jobs. We highly recommend you read the entire article, but here is a quick list of resources.

  • Workamper News
  • Volunteer. gov
  • Amazon Camperforce
  • CampHost.org (Vista Creation)
  • Camphor Jobs
  • WorkingJobs.com
  • Helping Hands
  • National Parks Arts Foundation: Artist in Residence Program
  • Happy Vagabonds
  • Individual State Opportunities


How to Get the Perfect Camp Host Job

A camp host, or work camper (sometimes spelled workamper), is a person who does things around a campsite in exchange for a free camping spot. In some cases, camp hosts are also paid. Camp host jobs may be on a public or private campground, though each working opportunity works a little differently.

The duties of a camp host vary depending on the location, as do the camp host site’s amenities. Each RVer must decide whether the job is appropriate for them.

Continue Reading…

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