Bengaluru employee ‘passes out’ at office bash. Netizens are divided | Bengaluru

A viral Twitter post about a Bengaluru ‘start-up’ employee ‘passed out, choking on his own vomiting’ after partying heavily at a bar has evoked mixed reactions from netizens about ‘taking responsibility for oneself when drinking’. The picture originally shared by a user Caleb Friesen, served as a ‘reminder’ for the ‘work hard, party harder startup founders’ to take care of their employees when inviting them to such gatherings.

The employee in question was seen laying on the couch in the image shared by the Twitter user who shared the incident.(Twitter/@caleb_friesen2)
The employee in question was seen laying on the couch in the image shared by the Twitter user who shared the incident.(Twitter/@caleb_friesen2)

What the narrator said about the encounter?

“Spotted a young man from a prominent Bengaluru startup choking on his own vomit tonight, face up, alone in a bar, while his team partied,” the user narrated the incident, adding that he spotted the drunk person ‘convulsing’ and rushed to his help but he had fallen off the couch and was breathing again.

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Sharing a couple more photos, Friesen further said that while he advised some of the man’s co-workers to watch out for him, he was met with a general remark that the person is wasted as he is a party animal. A little while after Friesen left the spot, he saw the drunk employee being shifted away from the dance floor, in a state of puking and decided to intervene again. “Ran back downstairs and explained the severity of the situation. Was able to find team members who were sober and responsible enough to realize he was blackout drunk and likely had alcohol poisoning,” he said further.

The user further advised corporations to ensure such parties happen under some level of supervision to ensure everyone’s safety as he flagged the severity of alcohol poisoning.

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How did Twitter users react to the viral post?

As viral as the post went, while some users expressed concerns over the employee’s condition, some suggested corporations or founders didn’t have anything to do with the incident. “Can’t really blame the founder tbh. He is an adult and should be able to take care of himself,” a user said. Another replied “I can’t believe they just left a coworker to die???”

One user partially agreed with the tweet owner maintained, “Good that you pointed it out to others in his group to take care of him. Good to highlight the need for education about alcohol poisoning. But what’s with the logic of linking start-up culture and the role of the founder in a party that is happening post work with adults in attendance.”

A section of users also blamed the general party culture involving alcohol where people lose all sense of control. “It’s just dreadful to see young people boasting about drinking every weekend at least and every chance they get,” a tweet read, while another simply emphasized on ‘drink responsibly’ advice.