McCaul on Fox News Sunday: America is “Losing Its Prestige and Leading From Behind” Under Biden

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Washington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul joined Shannon Bream on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss China and Russia’s “unholy alliance” and their efforts to disrupt the global balance of power, Secretary Blinken’s testimony at our committee hearing, the US defense industrial base, and TikTok’s national security threat.

Watch the interview here.

On President Biden’s Continued Projection of Weakness on the World Stage:

“When you project weakness, you invite aggression and war. When you project strength, like Reagan talked about, you invite peace. You are seeing… Iran is getting aggressive and now, Putin is invading Ukraine. and Chairman Xi and China – [he’s] threatening Taiwan and the Pacific. All these things are happening at the same time and it is not by accident, it is by design – and it’s a weak foreign policy out of fear.”

On Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin’s “Unholy Alliance:”

“This is an unholy alliance – they’re buying weapons from Iran and North Korea – they’re all tied together in this thing. It is a geopolitical fight between tyranny and oppression versus democracy and freedom in the West. You can’t dissect the two – they are tied together. What happened in Ukraine directly affected Taiwan and the Pacific, and we need to determine on both sides. My argument is this administration has completely failed in that deterrence.”

On Calling the Admin’s Catastrophic Afghanistan Withdrawal a Turning Point in Foreign Adversary Aggression:

“Because of [Biden’s] projection of weakness… When Afghanistan imploded… that is when Putin looked and not a question of if, but when Putin looked at Ukraine and Xi was looking at Taiwan. That is when everything changed. Afghanistan was a turning point. It was a disaster, we left Americans behind, Afghan partners behind.

On Chairman McCaul’s Promise to Deliver a Subpoena to Secretary Blinken if He Fails to Submit Afghanistan Withdrawal Dissent Cable:

“I don’t care about his internal policies, I care about the veterans and Gold Star Mothers and [servicemembers like] Marine Sgt. Vargas-Andrews, who had his arm blown off and his leg, who had the suicide bomber in his sights and wasn’t given permission to engage, that’s what I care about. And that’s why, if they don’t deliver by Monday, close of business, I will serve that subpoena.”

On the Serious National Security Threat TikTok Poses to the United States:

“Every national security official in this administration has said that it is a national security threat, and you know, we banned it in the Congress, right? So if we banned it in Congress and it is too dangerous for us to have, why in the world is it safe enough for our children to have? It is a backdoor to your iPhone, it is a spy balloon into your phone – it can collect your data and message you.